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What is sprintask?

This is an online time tracking application. You can create tasks and track how much time you spend on each task, using sprintask interface.

How to use sprintask?

Use sprintask with 5 simple steps:

  1. Register with just username and email id.
  2. You will get your password in the email id you provide. Sign in with your username and the password.
  3. Then type in a task name you wish to track with sprintask and click on "Create new task" button.
  4. A button for the task will be created.
  5. Click on the task to start/stop. When stopped the button is red. When started the button is green.
There are lot of other time tracking applications available. Why do I need sprintask?

There are lot of applications with lot of features and complex interfaces. Sprintask is very simple to use. You don't have to spend a lot of time to learn sprintask.

What kind of tasks can I track with sprintask?

Though you can track any kind of task, tasks you do on your computer are easier to track with sprintask. If you're doing some job away from computer, you may need to come to the computer whenever you need to start or stop the task. But we're working on bringing the application to your mobile devices. Stay tuned for updates.



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